Welcome to Azadi Network, a web-based company that provides solutions for the digital age.

Azadi Network owns and operates three properties, dotTech.org, SharewareOnSale.com, and HungryForApps.com.

dotTech was founded in October of 2008 and is the home of authoritative software reviews, tech news, digital tips and tricks, and more. When dotTech was launched in 2008, it was an unknown entity. Today, it is a flourishing and well-respected source for all things tech that get thousands of visitors per day.

SharewareOnSale was founded in August of 2013. SharewareOnSale connects software developers with users, offering daily software deals. Although it is a relatively new service, SharewareOnSale has already garnered much attention around the world.

HungryForApps was founded in March of 2014, in order to expand the success of SharewareOnSale into more markets. More specifically, HungryForApps uses the same business model as SharewareOnSale (i.e. offering daily software deals) except it focuses on Android, iOS, and Mac apps. HungryForApps is still new and thus unproven, but we are hopeful of its success in the near future.